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Summer Life Getaway 4300

Designed for Space Cab and Single Cab Tray Backs. This is the one for those who want to go “Off Grid” and features a “Dry Bathroom”
Australian Built 5th Wheeler Australian Built Tray Back Slide On Camper
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Getaway 4300 Specs Click Here Getaway 4300 Specs Click Here
Please let us point out some Key Features…. The Tray Back version of the Summer Life Getaway Series is getting you into a small motorhome replacement option. You get a great camper with the ability to remove when you want to explore. Summer Life Getaway Campers are all built around the Ethos of High Strength in a Lightweight body. This construction technique maximises the strength and our range of composite materials minimise the weight without compromising strength. Other standard features include…. High gloss, easily maintained exterior fibreglass finish. Quality inner spring mattress that is a full Queen Size. Good kitchen space and extra storage is a huge feature of this camper. Upgrades to the kitchen include larger cooker with three burners and a bigger sink. Solid Surface counter tops are standard throughout the Summer Life Range. Dry bathroom means your Loo stays dry with the shower having a screen door.
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Summer Life RV

Summer Life Getaway 4300

Designed for Space Cab and Single Cab Tray Backs. This is the one for those who want to go “Off Grid” and features a “Dry Bathroom”

Australian Built Drifter 24

Single Slide Room layout features plenty of living area for its shorter 24’ length.

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